GM Mon Kiathson
Article of GM Mon Kiathson published in FMADigest Vol4 No5.

Grandmaster Mon Kiathson was born in Davao City, Philippines. His training in martial arts started at an early age. At 10 years old, he was already aboxing enthusiast learning its basic movements. At 12, he became a student of Arnis Doce Pares Filipino Martial Arts under Grandmaster Rizal Disucatan. His burning desire to be one of the best arnis practioner drove him to aim for excellence in his movements and application in every practice session.

Even though GM Mon Kiathson was a dedicated student of arnis, he was at the same time, training in boxing under trainer Biling Pangantihon. In highschool, he was a 5-time Gold Medalist of the National Amateur Boxing Federation. Eventually he turned professional, winning a match via a 3rd round technical knockout against Jun Apable, who was then the number 1 contender RP - 108 pounds Mini Flyweight Division, in Almendras Gym, Davao City.

Despite his hectic boxing schedules, GM Mon Kiathson was able to continue training in arnis under Grandmaster Disucatan of Arnis Doce Pares Filipino Martial Arts Fighting where he earned a 9th Degree Black Belt. It was under the tutelage of GM Disucatan that GM Mon Kiathson also learned Karate, Kickboxing, Judo, nunchaku (chaku) and knife fighting. His knowledge in arnis was further enhanced with training in Modern Arnis under Master Hessie Montialegre. GM Mon Kiathson's passion for arnis was so great that he temporarily forego practice of other martial arts. He concentrated his training in arnis, with the aim of developing his own style and philosophy.

Finally in 1994, he established Arnis Combat Kiathson System Philippines, Kiathson Martial Arts Academy Philippines. Arnis Combat Kiathson System focus solely in the art of Arnis Fighting while Kiathson Martial Arts Academy is the consolidation of different forms of martial arts.

In 1995, GM Mon Kiathson studied under Senior Master Rodillo Dagooc who was then the International Chief Instructor of Arnis Association International Inc. and GM-Founder Jeremias V. Dela Cruz of Arnis Cruzada Philippines, learning their styles and techniques and earning a 4th Degree Black Belt at AAII and 9th Degree Black Belt at Arnis Cruzada Philippines.

At present Grandmaster Mon Kiathson teaches Arnis in different schools, security agencies, YWCA Malate, Philippine National Police - Western Police District and the Presidential Security Group in Manila.