GM Mon Kiathson
Article of GM Mon Kiathson published in FMADigest Vol4 No5.
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, to the official website of INTERNATIONAL ARNIS COMBAT KIATHSON FEDERATION PHILIPPINES. Member of World Martial Arts Council of Elders.

"Hagos Baston", an Ilonggo and Spanish word combined to describe the characteristic of an International Arnis Combat Kiathson Federation Philippines' deadly strike. Baston means stick or cane and Hagos means the whistling sound made by the baston as it travels through the air at tremendous speed towards its target. Thus, "Hagos Baston" means "Whistling Stick" or in Tagalog local dialect "Bastong Sumisipol". GM Kiathson - Dulo Dulo

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Great Shape - IACKFP New Gym
International Arnis Combat Kiathson Federation Philippines is moving to its new gym at 1866 A. Francisco St., San Andres Bukid. Inauguration of the gym is slated this coming Saturday, Feb. 28, 2008.

Grandmaster Mon Kiathson with Senator Miguel Zubiri at Luneta Park, Manila, Philippines

Grandmaster Mon Kiathson with Sportscaster Dyan Castillejo.

Rosser David Trains with GM Mon Kiathson

IACKFP President On Leave
IACKFP President Danny Naoe (shown with GM Mon Kiathson) will be on sabbatical leave starting November 8, 2008. He will be visiting his daughter in the US who gave birth to his first grandson.

Korean Jess Park

Korean national Jess Park training with GM Mon Kiathson.

PNP-IAS Meeting
Members of PNP-IAS held a meeting today at the new Great Shape - IACKFP Gym.

Induction of PNP, Internal Affairs Services.
Arnis Combat Kiathson System having been accredited as duly recognized Civic NGO, to assist PNP IAS various services geared towards nation building, held its induction ceremony at Philippine Colombian Association at Plaza Dilao last October 24, 2007.
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1st coordination meeting between MAMAGOC and MGCA

(L-R)Engr. Jose Dion-Diaz, Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri of World Federation of Kick Boxing, GM Mon Kiathson, a representative from WFK and GM Jun Abaya.

Article of GM Mon Kiathson
Article of GM Mon Kiathson published in FMADigest Vol4 No5.


Choncie Reid trains with GM Mon Kiathson.

Mr. Choncie Reid is owner and Head Instructor of Reid's Martial Arts Academy in McKinney, Texas.

Edward Tanksley Trains with GM Mon Kiathson

Edward Tanksley, an Aikido practitioner for 15 yearsand based in Tokyo, Japan recently underwent intensive training in Arnis with GM Mon Kiathson. Mr. Tanksley was very much satisfied and impressed with his training that he plans to visit Manila again soon.

School of Arnis Professionals

President of IACKFP Danny Naoe with the late GM Roland Dantes at the seminar offered byPamantasan ng Lungsod Ng Maynila under the National College of Physical Education (NCPE) conducted once a year leading to a Certificate of Professional Arnis Instructor.

GM Mon Kiathson Receives Awards
GM Mon Kiathson was inducted to the Great Hall of World Martial Arts Council of Elders last June 24, 2007. He also received a 10th Degree Red Belt - Grandmaster/Founder from World Martial Arts Council of Elders. The awarding ceremony at Luneta Park was witnessed by GM Jun Abaya of Jendo, GM Edgar Telebangco, GM Henry Espera of Rapido Realismo and officers of Pigssai.

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